Sustainability: Are Lobster Shells The Answer To Reducing Plastic Waste?

Tue Jan 14th, On Sustainability, by

Sustainability: How Lobster Shells Can Reduce Ocean Plastic 

Plastic is a lasting and versatile substance, but those same characteristics that make it useful for manufacturing make it harsh on the environment. Scientists may have an answer to the sustainability problem when it comes to plastic. Chitin, a substance found in various natural sources, including lobster shells, insect exoskeletons, and other sources, is also a strong and resilient substance. Scientists around the world have been working to develop plastics made from chitin-based plastics that are biodegradable in much shorter timelines than traditional plastics. 

For example, a group of graduate students from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London have developed a reusable, biodegradable plastic substitute made from crushed lobster shells. The group have formed a company, “Shellworks,” that makes planters, wallets, plastic bags, and other plastic-like objects that “degrade in just 4-6 weeks.” 

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