We Represent

Representing Clients In Environmental Matters Across a Wide Range of Industries

Bick Law is exclusively focused on providing the legal representation businesses need to effectively address complex environmental problems. Our lawyers are experienced environmental attorneys with a full understanding of the evolving legal and regulatory landscape facing companies across the United States and around the globe. We collaborate with our clients to find the right solutions for challenging high-stakes environmental issues.

Whether our clients seek to develop regulatory compliance strategies or need representation in connection with high stakes environmental litigation, the attorneys at our firm are well-positioned to handle the matter. Our full-service environmental law firm covers five primary practice areas: Litigation, Transactions, Compliance Counseling, Sustainability and Rulemaking and Legislative Practice. Our lawyers draw upon their diverse legal, business and scientific backgrounds to help corporate clients manage the risks and costs associated with complex environmental matters. We are fully cognizant of our clients’ business operations and we partner with them to develop workable plans that best serve their individual needs and objectives.

Comprehensive Environmental Counsel Throughout California and Across the Globe

The attorneys at our firm have over twenty-five years of experience representing clients in all types of environmental law matters. We are well known throughout the legal and business communities for our ability to deliver strategic guidance and environmental counsel to companies operating in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Aerospace, Satellites and Defense Systems (including legacy sites, rockets and drones);
  • Banking and Finance;
  • Buildings and Construction;
  • Chemicals (including pesticides);
  • Consumer Products (including apparel, electronics, personal care products, toys and children’s products);
  • Energy (including renewables, utilities and power);
  • Food and Agriculture (including restaurants, ranching, farming, wineries and vineyards);
  • Life Sciences (including biotech, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and health care);
  • Manufacturing (including metal plating and electronics);
  • Natural Resources (including mining, oil & gas, air resources, water resources, water rights, water brokering, forestry, wildlife, fisheries and land exchanges);
  • Packaging;
  • Real Estate Development;
  • Technology (including electronics, batteries, information technology, nanotechnology and communications);
  • Transportation (including automotive, shipping, rail, truck and logistics); and
  • Waste Management (including recycling and life cycle management).

Proactive Approach

Bick Law attorneys take the time to fully analyze how environmental laws and regulations at the federal, state and local levels are likely to impact the many industries in which our clients operate. Our legal team regularly tracks and monitors legal and regulatory developments to provide our clients with accurate and timely legal advice and solutions.

We work with clients to identify and address critical environmental issues and challenges that may surface at any time. From initial product research and development to manufacturing and waste disposal and recycling, we aim to keep our clients fully prepared and ahead of legal and regulatory requirements. We also recognize that there are times when environmental issues and challenges cannot be predicted in advance. In these situations our attorneys work to develop targeted solutions that limit our clients’ costs and risk exposure.