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Climate Change Attorneys


Businesses are under pressure to address global climate change. As a result, companies need climate change attorneys familiar with regulatory demands. Global climate change is an important factor in land use and development. It also affects manufacturing and global supply chain management. In California and throughout the country, the threat of climate change continues to garner regulatory and legislative attention. Consequently, companies seeking both to sustain and to grow face ever-increasing challenges.

Bick Law’s climate change attorneys navigate a wide range of industries affected by climate change regulation. For example, emissions from PFAS, checmicals and other pollutants are now the focus of regulatory and legal actions. Nationwide requirements continue to change as climate change science advances. Our climate change legal team stays current with all EPA rulemaking and Court holdings. Similarly, we regularly advocate for clients in regulations at the state and federal levels and actively monitors new policy developments.

The climate change attorneys at Bick Law have over thirty years of experience responding to climate change issues. This includes consulting clients with green manufacturing and building requirements. We excel in helping clients respond to a changing regulatory environment. Likewise, we advise our clients on how to respond to existing climate change regulations, laws, and litigation. Finally, we help our clients shape policies and uncover new, climate-friendly opportunities.

Shrinking Costs and Minimizing Risk Exposure

Our clients trust us with their most complex environmental disputes. We represent companies operating across all industry sectors–from chemicals and consumer products to energy, natural resources and waste management. Our attorneys are proactive in their approach to environmental law. We analyze critical issues and legal developments, and share information in order to prepare for changes impacting business operations.

Diverse Environmental Litigation Practice

Widely recognized for top-tier environmental litigation practice, Bick Law attorneys possess comprehensive knowledge and understanding of environmental laws and regulations. Our decades of experience allow us to handle all types of environmental litigation issues, including: