Toxic and Mass Tort

Defending Companies in Toxic and Mass Tort Actions

The environmental attorneys at Bick Law have decades of experience defending companies involved in complex toxic tort and mass tort litigation. Our lawyers are well-recognized throughout California and across the nation as a first-rate legal team with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to mount an effective defense in these sophisticated, high-stakes cases. We have a full understanding of the law and the complex scientific and technical factors underlying toxic tort and mass tort matters. We also work with leading toxicologists, epidemiologists, medical specialists and other experts to analyze the complex environmental and causation issues involved in toxic exposure and other mass tort actions.

Extensive Experience Litigating Toxic Exposure Cases

Although federal and state environmental statutes provide numerous private causes of action, individuals often bring suit under common law tort principles to recover for injuries allegedly suffered as a result of exposure to toxic substances. Traditional common law theories of recovery, which were developed in the context of personal injury and property damage cases, have been adapted and modified to meet the needs of current environmental litigation. In addition, new theories of liability and damages are frequently promoted by plaintiffs and are sometimes accepted by courts in an attempt to compensate injured parties. These toxic tort cases usually involve complex legal issues and litigation often becomes protracted and expensive. 

Bick Law’s legal team has extensive experience litigating and appealing class actions and mass tort lawsuits alleging injury to persons and resources. Whether the alleged exposure involves air, water, soil or groundwater, when a plaintiff or group of plaintiffs brings an environmental exposure claim, an experienced California toxic lawyer at our firm will launch a thorough investigation to determine whether an exposure actually occurred and, if so, the extent to which the exposure may have caused the illness or other harms alleged by the plaintiffs.

In many cases our attorneys have been able to extricate clients from toxic tort cases early in the litigation process. In other situations we have obtained positive settlements prior to trial. When a case proceeds to court, our environmental trial lawyers vigorously defend our client’s position. We also help our clients develop strategies to address the media and the numerous community engagement groups that are typically involved in these high-profile environmental tort cases.

In addition to mass tort and toxic exposure claims, our lawyers represent companies facing actions alleging that employees working in “clean room” facilities were exposed to certain toxic chemicals which caused birth defects in their children. Additionally, we are experienced in representing corporate defendants in nuisance and trespass suits brought by water purveyors alleging that our client’s activities resulted in groundwater contamination.