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OEHHA’s Revised Proposed Prop 65 Regulations Offer Only Slight Improvements; New Comment Period Started

Wed Dec 16th, On Environmental Law, by

In response to stakeholder comments, on November 27, 2015, California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) withdrew proposed regulations to amend Proposition 65 safe harbor warning requirements and issued a new, revised set of proposed regulations. While the new proposal addresses some of the many concerns expressed by stakeholders, it still falls far short of reducing the uncertainty and burdens businesses face when attempting to comply with Proposition 65’s […]

U.S. Branches Battle Over EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Wed Dec 9th, On Environmental Law, by

The Obama Administration, Congress, and the Judiciary are all engaged in the battle over EPA’s Clean Power Plan. The question remains, which branch has the ultimate power to either force this new Plan through or stop it. The Executive Branch, through EPA, published the Plan in October. Congress passed a resolution nullifying the Plan. President Obama has veto power over the Congressional resolution. If it were just up to those […]

The Latest Crackdown Of Climate Change Disclosures To The Sec – New York’s Martin Act Enforcement

Wed Dec 2nd, On Environmental Law, by

Peabody Energy has agreed to disclose to its shareholders, the public, and the SEC, climate-related business risks going forward. In particular, the disclosures will address regulations concerning carbon emissions from coal businesses, like Peabody’s. In the past, Peabody claimed it did not have the ability to predict how much increased cost to the business would be incurred by climate change regulations. However, internally, Peabody had projected a one-third drop in […]

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