Monthly Archives: April 2022

California’s Microplastic Initiative to Turn the Tides of Plastic Pollution

They are present on every body of water on Earth – from remote oceans currents to pristine mountain lakes – and they have even been identified in human placenta and lung tissues. Despite progress towards a cleaner, greener future, we have been unable to outrun the impending doom of microplastics. It is no secret that anthropocentric activities have introduced a host of plastics into the planet’s oceans, fundamentally restricting the […]

U.S. Supreme Court to consider limitation of EPA in landmark case: West Virginia vs. EPA

At a time when carbon emissions stand at the forefront of public concern, legislators and advocacy groups throughout the United States are doing all they can to limit the fossil fuel and coal industries to prevent further impacts. For the past 50 years, environmental policymakers have looked to the guidance of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop and enforce environmental regulations. However, recent debates over the provisions enabling the […]

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