BLG Takes Action Toward Maintaining A Green Workspace

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Establishing and sustaining an environmentally friendly workspace at Bick Law Group has been a driving goal since formed earlier this year. Many companies may have good intentions to sustain a green environment, but what sets BLG apart from mere intention is the action set forth.

Like many other industries and professions, the practice of law impacts the environment and in order to conduct business, using resources such as paper, energy and water along with other natural resources is unavoidable but manageable. Being an environmental law firm, we take pride and ownership in managing our footprint and the amount of resources we as a firm consume. BLG signed the State Bar of California’s Environmental Eco-Pledge earlier this year to help stay accountable and keep on track with maintaining an environmentally friendly workspace. As part of the goal towards sustainable business practices, the State Bar of California advocates using fewer resources more specifically outlined in the Model Law Office Sustainability Guidelines (http://environmental.calbar.ca.gov/Portals/15/2015-05_Eco-Pledge-Form.pdf). Law firms that agree to comply with these guidelines and sign the Eco-Pledge are recognized as “Lawyers for a Sustainable California” and are exemplified on the State Bar website. BLG along with many other firms shown here, (http://environmental.calbar.ca.gov/EnvironmentalLaw/Sustainability.aspx), continue to take action and urge other firms to educate their employees on the current environmental issues at hand and recognize that efforts made by individuals, businesses and organizations are necessary in order to contribute to the solution.

Here are a few examples of what BLG is doing to reduce our impact to the environment:

  1. We inform customers, employees, suppliers/vendors, and our building owner of our sustainability policy and efforts.
  2. We reduce paper use by prioritizing the use of 100% post-consumer, chlorine-free recycled paper in all copiers. We also prioritize the use of FSC certified products and/or recycled paper for all printed marketing material and other wood-based products used in our office.
  3. We have recycling bins at each workstation and common area.
  4. We have a policy to print documents double-sided.
  5. We conduct correspondence via electronic means and maintain and store documents electronically.
  6. We prioritize the use of durable, non-disposable plates, cups, glasses, and utensils in the office.
  7. Our office building is LEED Gold certified.

We encourage you, our friends, clients and colleagues to join us and make sustainability your daily goal too.

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