Kimberly Bick Named Chair for Environmental Law Section of California Lawyers Association

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As of September, co-founder and managing partner at Bick Law LLP, Kimberly Leue Bick, will be assuming the role of Chair of the Environmental Law Section (ELS) of the California Lawyers Association (CLA). Kim is joined in her new position by fellow officers, Mary Akens (Vice Chair), Miles Hogan (Secretary), and Samir Abdelnour (Treasurer).

CLA was founded in 2018 as result of Senate Bill 36, which separated the voluntary educational, associational, and advocacy activities for lawyers in the state of California from the State Bar Association’s regulation of the legal profession. CLA is an independent, nonprofit organization that assembles lawyers from throughout the state to promote coordination within the legal community. ELS, one of eighteen sections in CLA, provides a platform for environmental lawyers to collaborate and obtain information and services related to environmental law. ELS has 2,514 members and is led by a 16-member Executive Committee supported by past-committee members as Advisors. ELS is known for its educational programs, including webinars, Yosemite Conference (this October 13-16 at the Tenaya Lodge), Energy Conference, Sierra Water Summit, Climate Change Conference, Cannibis Law Symposium, Enforcement Conference, Tribal Law Program, Diversity Conference, “Your Voice” regional public symposiums, the Student Negotiations Competition and Student Writing Competition, and many more. In addition, each year, ELS presents a prestigious award for the Lifetime Achievement Contribution to the Field of Environmental Law, to recognize environmental lawyers who have contributed to the field of environmental law over a sustained period, achieved excellence in the practice of environmental law, and provided legal services with high ethics and collegiality. There are many more long-established programs that ELS is known for, including its active Legislative Committee. And, there are new programs being created every year, for example the Mentorship Program launched this fall, which pairs newer attorneys with more experienced attorneys in the section.

Kim’s goal as Chair is to continue ELS’s commitment to increase the diversity of environmental lawyers in California, by focusing on outreach to future lawyers (through high school and law school programs), outreach to current lawyers in other practices, and collaboration with other sections of ELS and other law organizations. ELS’s “diversity and belonging” committee, for example, is working to set up procedures, policies, and practices to recruit attorneys of color and LGBTQIA+ attorneys into the environmental law practice, ELS, and leadership positions within ELS.

Kim’s seasoned career in environmental law spans over thirty years, with experience representing companies ranging from aerospace to manufacturing on matters of litigation, regulatory compliance, regulatory enforcement, and corporate transactions. In this new position, Kim brings her comprehensive expertise on matters relating to environmental policy, as well as her dedication for increasing collaboration between lawyers of diverse backgrounds, for the benefit of the Association as a whole. As chair, Kim will also be looked towards to direct the executive committee for her section, including the officers, members, and advisors working to bring to fruition the promise of a brighter future for the environment.

In addition to providing a collective space for practicing attorneys, the CLA works to engage the community of experts and advocates in California through events such as webinars and conferences, where particular issues may be examined under greater consideration. Most notably, the Environmental Section of the CLA will be hosting the 31st annual Yosemite Environmental Law Conference, the largest gathering of California environmental experts, in October of this year. The publications produced through the CLA – environmental law news and updates – also hold considerable weight in informing the decisions of community leaders and planners as they work to implement new strategies within the state.

Kim is thrilled to be taking on this new responsibility within an organization that she has remained committed to throughout her career. And all of Kim’s colleagues at Bick Law LLP are eager to see her excel at a position she has proven qualified for.

Read more on the Environmental Law Section of the CLA website

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