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Update: OEHHA Extends Public Comment Period For Multiple Amendments to Proposition 65 Regulations

Mon Sep 28th, On Environmental Law, by

We previously reported that the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (“OEHHA”), the state agency responsible for implementing Proposition 65 (which requires businesses to warn consumers when the level of exposure from a consumer product exceeds a specific amount for a given chemical), is considering adopting a regulation that would establish background levels for certain chemicals, i.e., lead and arsenic, that are naturally present in unprocessed food. Our previous blog […]

Modernizing The Groundwater Rights Adjudication Process in California

Thu Sep 24th, On Environmental Law, by

The groundwater problems in California are as severe as the drought itself. Groundwater levels have declined, on average, more than 15 feet, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Some wells have had declines of 50 feet or more. Declining groundwater levels impacts water supplies to agricultural land and property owners, as well as regional and city drinking water purveyors. As groundwater levels decline, the property owner with the deeper well […]

State Water Board To Protect Federal and State-Listed Anadromous Fish in Russian River Tributaries

Mon Sep 21st, On Environmental Law, by

The California State Water Resources Control Board has issued Informational Orders under the Russian River Tributaries Emergency Regulation for the Russian River tributaries. The Online Informational Order Form due dates are as follows: Dutch Bill Creek watershed on October 9, 2015, Green Valley Creek watershed on October 14, 2015, Mark West Creek watershed on October 15, 2015; Mill Creek watershed on October 18, 2015. The Dutch Bill Creek, Green Valley […]

EPA Beats Blueberry Farmer – “Buy Local” Not a Priority for Clean Water Rule

Thu Sep 17th, On Environmental Law, by

Today, US Environmental Protection Agency made the widow of a rural Washington blueberry farmer pay $210,000 in penalties and agree to restore the function of 12 acres of forested wetlands that were allegedly harmed or disrupted in violation of the Clean Water Act when the widow’s deceased husband constructed a gravel road, a ditch, and cleared 10 acres of his property to plant blueberries. See United States v. Suellyn Rader […]

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