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BLG Takes Action Toward Maintaining A Green Workspace

Wed Sep 16th, On Firm News, by

Establishing and sustaining an environmentally friendly workspace at Bick Law Group has been a driving goal since formed earlier this year. Many companies may have good intentions to sustain a green environment, but what sets BLG apart from mere intention is the action set forth. Like many other industries and professions, the practice of law impacts the environment and in order to conduct business, using resources such as paper, energy […]

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Ninth Circuit Rules In First Case Blaming EPA For Massive Loss of Bees in the U.S.

Mon Sep 14th, On Environmental Law, by

On September 9, 2015, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for the United States vacated the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s approval of the pesticide sulfoxaflor, in Pollinator Stewardship Council v. EPA. The petitioners, comprised of several beekeepers and associations, had challenged the EPA approval asserting that continued use of sulfoxaflor would risk dramatic losses in bee populations. Judge Mary Schroeder, writing the majority opinion for the panel, held that EPA […]

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OEHHA Considering Regulation Establishing Background Levels For Naturally Occurring Chemicals In Food, Including Lead

Wed Sep 9th, On Environmental Law, by

The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (“OEHHA”), the state agency responsible for implementing Proposition 65, has announced that it is considering adopting a regulation that would establish background levels for certain chemicals, such as lead, that are naturally present in unprocessed food. Proposition 65 requires businesses to provide a warning when they cause an exposure to a chemical listed as known to the state to cause cancer or reproductive […]

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California Water-Fix Could Result in Taking of Farmland

Fri Sep 4th, On Environmental Law, by

The DCE (short for Delta Conveyance Facilities Design and Construction Enterprise), a private-contractor group embedded within the state Department of Water Resources, has determined it will be necessary to acquire 300 farms by eminent domain in order to construct two tunnels, each 40 feet wide and 35 miles long. They would take water from the Sacramento River north of Sacramento and move it under the Delta to state and federal […]

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