Study Links Air Pollution To Higher COVID-19 Death Rate

Wed Sep 16th, On Environmental Law, by

A Harvard study determined COVID-19 patients who lived in regions of the United States with higher levels of air pollution before the pandemic are at a higher risk of dying from the disease than those who live in areas with cleaner air. The nationwide study, conducted by Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, was the first to demonstrate a clear link between long term exposure to pollution and high […]

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EPA Proposes Rule To Force Airlines To Adopt Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards They Set For Themselves

The Trump Administration recently released the long-awaited proposal for controlling greenhouse gas emissions for aircraft. This proposed airline rule forestalls an impending lawsuit by bringing the federal government into compliance with a legal requirement under the Clean Air Act that they regulate greenhouse gas emissions from airplanes. In 2016, the EPA determined that greenhouse gases from aircraft present a danger to public health and the welfare of future generations. The […]

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Federal Court Strikes Down Trump Administration Methane Rollback

Mon Jul 20th, On Litigation, by

Last week, a Federal Court vacated a Trump administration rule that weakened Obama-era limits on natural gas methane emissions from drilling on federal and Native American lands. U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers said the Trump Administration’s rule was flawed and ill-supported, and restored a 2018 Obama era rule. The judge criticized the Trump administration for moving ahead with its decision to loosen regulation without giving proper consideration to the […]

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