Advising Businesses on E-Waste Requirements

E-waste encompasses a wide range of electronic equipment from computers and fax machines to televisions, DVD players and stereos. While these products may be nearing the end of their “useful life,” many can be recycled and reused. Recognizing that certain components in these end-of-life products may be hazardous and recycling can protect natural resources while saving energy and money, many states across the nation have adopted e-waste recycling legislation. These laws are aimed at diverting end-of-life products from landfills by encouraging the recovery, recycling and reuse of e-waste.

In most states, e-waste laws and regulations are directed at the manufacturers, distributors and retailers who produce and sell electronic products. The laws generally require these businesses to register with the state and implement take-back programs that collect electronic equipment and other products, such as batteries, from consumers for recycling so they are not deposited into landfills. Additionally, the entities subject to these laws and regulations must provide consumers with specific information about how the company will collect and dispose of products under take-back programs.

Helping Companies Adopt E-Waste Policies and Procedures

Bick Law provides strategic advice and direction to clients across the nation and around the world dealing with e-waste issues and challenges. We assist businesses involved in the production, distribution and sale of electronic products to develop policies and procedures that effectively address e-waste laws and regulations. Our California environmental compliance lawyers regularly track and monitor state and federal legislation in this area of the law so that we can provide our clients with current and accurate information about end-of-life product requirements.

At Bick Law, we understand that environmental compliance can be difficult and expensive for our clients. Our goal is to help businesses reduce the burdens and expenses associated with complex regulatory requirements. We understand the legal landscape facing businesses at the state, national and international levels. Our lawyers partner with clients to develop regulatory compliance strategies that meet their specific needs in the most cost-efficient manner possible. Whether we are helping a manufacturer or distributor establish a take-back program in response to a state mandate or as a voluntary initiative, or are assisting a waste management company with compliance requirements for recycling, we take the time to understand our clients’ business operations and financial concerns. 

The environmental compliance attorneys at our firm have over twenty-five years of combined experience counseling clients in all types of environmental matters. While we focus on helping companies avoid disruptive and expensive environmental litigation and government enforcement actions through the development of environmental compliance programs, we are fully prepared to represent the interests of our clients in federal and state courts across the nation should the need arise.