Green Chemistry and Product Management

Advising Clients on Green Chemistry and Product Management

The environmental lawyers at Bick Law assist companies in developing green chemistry and product management compliance strategies. We are a leading environmental law firm devoted to helping business enterprises effectively and efficiently address difficult environmental challenges. Our lawyers have in-depth experience navigating clients through the complex web of laws governing the regulation of chemicals. We work with clients to ensure that they understand these standards and requirements and assist them in developing compliance practices that minimize potential risks and exposure.

Green Chemistry

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines green chemistry as the “design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the generation of hazardous substances.” While the U.S. government has not adopted a federal statutory program for green chemistry to date, the EPA is studying it and currently sponsors a Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge. At this point in time, despite efforts by industry groups to generate a model national framework, the regulation of chemicals in products is conducted on a state-by state basis, with some state laws more stringent than others.

California’s Safer Consumer Products (SCP) program strives to reduce toxic chemicals in the goods that consumers buy, use and dispose of. The program identifies consumer products that contain potentially harmful chemicals and requires companies to assess whether the chemical is necessary and if there is a safer feasible alternative. The SCP program looks at the entire life cycle of the product from processing and manufacturing to packing and distribution to disposal and recycling. Beyond identifying safer alternatives, manufacturers must also assess alternatives that pose the least amount of environmental or health problems.

In addition to California, other states have adopted green chemistry statutes including Washington’s Safe Children’s Products Act, Maine’s Toxic Chemicals in Children’s Products Act and Minnesota’s Toxic Free Kids Act. Unlike the SCP, many of these programs are limited to children’s products and other specific products sold to sensitive sub-populations.

Helping Businesses Comply With Safe Product Standards

Bick Law offers a wealth of experience to companies facing green chemistry and product management challenges. Our lawyers have been involved in the legislative and rulemaking process for these statutes and regulations from their inception. As a result, each California environmental lawyer at our firm is well positioned to help clients develop green chemistry compliance and reporting measures. We carefully monitor developments in this area of the law at the state and federal levels and assist in rulemaking proceedings as new regulatory programs arise.

The laws and regulations governing harmful and toxic chemicals can be difficult to navigate. We are cognizant of the many gray areas in these laws and carefully guide our clients through all program requirements, keeping a careful watch on new chemicals and products that are likely to be added to state program lists. Our firm prides itself on being proactive, working with clients to remove potentially harmful chemicals from their products before they are required to submit to alternative analysis processes under these programs.