Clean Air Act: EPA Advances Clean Trucks Initiative

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Clean Air Act

Clean Air Act: EPA Advances Clean Trucks Initiative

On Monday, Pete Lopez, the New York Regional Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced EPA’s intent to advance the Cleaner Trucks Initiative (CTI)–part of the regulations allowed under the Clean Air Act–in New York and New Jersey. The CTI is moving to establish stricter standards for emissions associated with the large engines commonly seen on interstate highways.

EPA officials insist that, although the trucking industry is essential to the American economy, this initiative is essential to a healthier environment, and in fact, the modernization and improvement of heavy-duty truck engines is essential to the industry’s long term survival. Through stricter regulations, the EPA hopes to spur innovation in heavy engine technology.

Emissions have been on a significant downward trend, but today millions of people live in ozone depleted and areas subject to particulate matter formation. Updating standards will result in a significant reduction, and EPA hopes to publish a proposed rule in the coming months.

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