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Kimberly Bick Named Chair for Environmental Law Section of California Lawyers Association

Sun Sep 18th, On Firm News, by

As of September, co-founder and managing partner at Bick Law LLP, Kimberly Leue Bick, will be assuming the role of Chair of the Environmental Law Section (ELS) of the California Lawyers Association (CLA). Kim is joined in her new position by fellow officers, Mary Akens (Vice Chair), Miles Hogan (Secretary), and Samir Abdelnour (Treasurer). CLA was founded in 2018 as result of Senate Bill 36, which separated the voluntary educational, […]

Montana Judge Reinstates Formerly Defunct Ban on Coal-Leasing

Fri Sep 9th, On Uncategorized, by

Following the commission of the Coal leasing Amendments Act of 1976, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was entrusted with the obligation of overseeing the operations of coal leasing: the process through which the rights to extract coal from federal lands are negotiated with the highest bidder. BLM is obligated to lease coal at a fair market value, as well as competitively, meaning that any interested party can bid on […]

Senate Approves Bill to Fund Restoration of Freshwater Systems  

Thu Sep 1st, On Uncategorized, by

The Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) serves as the nation’s headmost legislation pertaining to flood control, navigation, and ecosystem restoration of the country’s waterways. Developed in 1986 as a means for establishing necessary water infrastructure – dams and canals – the WRDA operates under a biennial timeframe, allowing Congress to apply necessary adjustments every two years. In accordance with this system, 2022 is the year to reassess WRDA legislation, and […]

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