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Cal. Governor Newsome Signs Cutting-Edge Plastics Bill into Law

Amidst a series of incursions and roadblocks for environmental groups throughout the nation, most recently through EPA constraints executed by the Supreme Court, California has once again demonstrated its commitment as a pioneer in tackling climate issues at the source. On the very same day that the United States Supreme Court released its decision regarding West Virginia v. EPA – a significant ruling that seeks to constrain the Environmental Protection […]

Orange County Votes to Deny Construction of Desalination Facility

Thu Jul 7th, On Environmental Law, by

The oceans of the world, which makeup over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, contain approximately 97 percent of the planet’s water. The remaining 3 percent, which humans, animals and vegetation rely upon for drinking and agriculture, can be found within the rivers and lakes that constitute freshwater. As global temperatures continue to give rise to drought and dehydration, the pressure to access suitable freshwater for land-based ecosystems also increases. […]

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