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Two Birds, One Wall

Thu Jan 16th, On Environmental Law, by

In the late seventies, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service began buying pieces of land along the Texas-Mexico border. This collection of land, assembled over decades into 135 individual tracts of nearly 105,000 acres, were part of an effort to protect the Rio Grande Valley of Texas from development and farming. Although the area has since become a quagmire of illegal immigration and drug smuggling, it is also one […]

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Clean Air Act: EPA Advances Clean Trucks Initiative

Wed Jan 15th, On Environmental Law, by

Clean Air Act Clean Air Act: EPA Advances Clean Trucks Initiative On Monday, Pete Lopez, the New York Regional Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced EPA’s intent to advance the Cleaner Trucks Initiative (CTI)–part of the regulations allowed under the Clean Air Act–in New York and New Jersey. The CTI is moving to establish stricter standards for emissions associated with the large engines commonly seen on interstate highways. […]

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Superfund PRPs to Closely Monitor Atlantic Richfield Co. v. Gregory A. Christian, et al., Set for Oral Argument December 3, 2019

Tue Nov 12th, On Environmental Law, by

Atlantic Richfield Co. v. Gregory A. Christian, et al. (Case No. 17-498) is set for oral argument before the Supreme Court on December 3, 2019, and the outcome could have broad implications for private parties seeking to recoup costs from PRPs for cleanup activities that are beyond the scope of EPA’s chosen remedy under CERCLA. The case involves the Anaconda Smelter Superfund Site in Butte, Montana.  Contamination from the Anaconda […]

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DOT Releases One National Program Rule; EPA Revokes California’s CAA Waiver for Vehicle Emissions

Fri Sep 20th, On Environmental Law, by

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a final rule yesterday that the Trump Administration calls the “One National Program Rule.” See “The Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient (SAFE) Vehicles Rule Part One: One National Program,” RIN 2127-AM20 (Sept. 19, 2019), also known as The Preemption Regulation. This new rule gives the DOT and the EPA the right to set national fuel economy standards that preempt […]

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